About us

Global Immo is a real estate agency located on the Costa Brava that holds over 30 years of experience in the field.
Specialized in property management, Global Immo is made up by a team of qualified professionals with experience in the field of sales, holiday rents and neighborhood associations administration. We are located in the area of Roses’ Bay and its surroundings.

Our services go from the management of operations regarding selling and buying real estate, promoting and handling holiday rents, and manage the daily administration of neighborhood associations in the Costa Brava. In addition, we have at the clients disposal, services such as property or neighborhood association insurance coverage, handling paperwork regarding Real Estate Taxes, applying for NIE...

We know how to listen to our client’s necessities, both their hopes and worries. Our company’s primary objective is to offer the client a warm and unique treatment, as well as a professional assessment in the real estate world. Our policies are to be clear and transparent from the very beginning until the end. You can reach us through the phone, via email, or visit us in our offices located in Roses and Santa Margarita.

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