Are you interested in the Costa Brava?

The Costa Brava is a holiday place, appreciated by our French clients because it is an attractive region for a variety of reasons.
  • The Costa Brava is very close to the border with France and that makes it the fastest Spanish region to get to by the highway, the TGV train, or the airports of Barcelona and Girona.
  • The weather in this region is even better than Languedoc-Roussillon in France.
  • The Costa Brava gathers a large amount of natural environment, both protected and preserved, which places Roses Bay among the 15 most beautiful Bays in the world.
  • The residents of the area are used to speaking french, which helps the communication between them and our French guests. The living expenses are very affordable, much more than any other Bay in the Mediterranean.
  • The real estate business is more affordable than France’s, for a similar space, quality, and weather conditions. The usual costs regarding a property, such as taxes, can be up to 40% cheaper than France’s.

What are the taxes and rates of Spain’s notaries?

The cost of buying a property in Spain is around 12%.
The buyer must pay a 10% of taxes to the Catalan’s Treasury. The remaining 2% refers to fees, and taxes for the property registration title. The organization that is in charge of signing all the documents is called ‘Registro de la Propiedad’.
Our agency will take charge of all the steps regarding your purchase, free of charge and our sales team will assess you through the process.

Who pays the notary of a real estate agency in a sale?

All the fees for the agency’s realtors are included in the sales prize and that means they are provided by the seller.

Is it possible to have a mortgage loan to purchase in Spain?

You can get a mortgage loan in Spain, but the conditions offered will be less attractive than what the French market offers.
The Spanish banks will most likely offer a variable interest rate in the beginning. If you desire a fixed interest rate, the rate will be higher than another you might get in your regular French bank.
On the other hand, the mortgage loan that a Spanish bank would offer, it would not exceed 60% of the value on the property since they would try to minimize risks with a non-Spanish resident.

Which are the necessary documents to sign in the notary?

If you are either single or married without nuptial agreement, all you have to provide is an identification source.
In case of being married with a nuptial agreement, you would have to provide a legal copy of the document.

How much does a sales procedure take?/h3>

If buying a property, it is possible to sign the selling document in front of a notary in a few weeks. The administrative procedures are less tedious in France.

Do I have to be present for the notary’s signature?

Yes, however, you can let a third person sign the document with proper documentation signed by a French notary, a Spanish one, or by the Spanish embassy.

What is the role of the notary during a real estate sale?

Very good question.
We all tend to think that a notary from a foreign country might have similar roles and power to what we are used to in our country. It is not the case between France and Spain.

Firstly, it is important to remember that the powers that a French notary entitles are due to them being a public worker.
They are responsible to manage an economic transaction and handle the payment of taxes. The buyer will hand the money to the notary, which will then pay the seller once the taxes have been taken off the original sum of money.
In Spain it works differently. The notary is not responsible for the transaction that goes directly from the buyer to the seller. It is the real estate agency that organizes the details and procedures for the economic transaction and the paperwork for the notary.

On the other hand, the notary verifies every single document to be in order. Making sure there are no loan mortgage due on the properties and that all taxes on the land are registered in order.
The notary warrants a sale free of charges, loans and taxes that might make the property be in debt or seized.

Is there a nie to buy in Spain?

Yes, it is essential without this identification document the Spanish notary will not authorize the signature.

How long can i stay in spain as a tourist?

A resident from the EU will be able to officially stay for six months as a tourist in a country where they do not currently live.

How can i access to the spanish health care system?

By getting the European Health Card, which is free, you will be able to access the Spanish health care system.

How do I get the water and electricity meter in my name once I have purchased my property?

Our agency will take care of all these administrative procedures, as well as name changes to the city service and the condominium manager.

Will the selling documents be in my language?

The sales agreement will be handed in French because you will sign it with the real estate agency.
The notary’s documentation will be in Spanish, but our agency works with agencies that have employees and notaries that speak fluent French.
The documents will be fully translated by the notary at the moment of signing the documents.

How can i verify a french document so that it can be used by a spanish notary and for the property registration?

The European Union countries have a system to verify any document from a country through the Hage Apostille. This entity will verify any legal documents necessary for the sales process.

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