Neighborhood Association Administration

Welcome to GLOBAL IMMO – COMUNIDADES, professional bureau with over 30 years of experience on handling neighborhood associations.

We are proud to state that we provide an integral service to all our clients. And above all, we do it being loyal to the principles that have defined us since the very first day as administrators: transparent management and warm treatment.

There are over 5000 clients that trusted us, either in the management of their neighborhood associations or in their sales or rental of properties. Our caring is the key to the success of our services, and client satisfaction is both, our commitment and our best testimonies.

Our services on administrating neighborhood associations include the following:

  • A conference room for up to 60 people, equipped with AC and video projector.
  • An office open 6 days of the week (Monday through Saturday)
  • A great staff that speaks Catalan, Spanish, French, English, and German.
  • Monitoring the construction sites, by our own technical architect.
  • If necessary, the creation of a new neighborhood association’s constitution which consists of: a constitution meeting, purchase and legalization of the minute book and legalize it, apply for the association’s CIF, and opening a bank account to the neighborhood association’s name.
  • Handling the accounts in a detailed document written in multiple languages, if necessary.
  • Detailed accounting report in several languages.
  • A document that states the details of the bills and the costs settled, the amounts paid and debt, and the remaining balance; all that practiced by an accountant.
  • Monitoring the bills and payments of the neighborhood association (including the management of any judicial complaint of non-payment).
  • Free inquiries to our firm of lawyers.

Trust the administration of your neighborhood association to a professional


If you are interested in buying, selling, renting or managing your rent, please, contact us to receive detailed information.

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