Declaration of Assets

Dear landlord/landlady,
We inform you that, issued on January 1st of 2011, the taxpayers non residents are not allowed to declare their assets handwritten and manually through the form 210. Declarations starting the year 2012 (fiscal year of 2011).

This declaration of taxes can only be done through the Internet, accessing the website of Spain’s ‘Hacienda Pública’ (IRS). Once the declaration is complete, you can print it and pay it through the bank. You are also able to fill your IRS taxes through their website, in which case you will be handed a personal access code to complete it.

We are aware that, for some of you, this is a new payment method that can be not only complex, but restrictive since the website is only displayed in Spanish. We offer the possibility of doing this declaration through GLOBAL IMMO’s accounting department.
If you were to be interested in this service, the following documents would be needed in order to proceed:

  • A photocopy of your NIE.
  • A photocopy of the sales agreement.
  • Bank account number.
  • The last invoice of your property taxes.

On the other hand, we inform you that our agencies charge for providing this service is of 50 euros with taxes included (if it is the case of one landlord and one property). It is necessary to declare taxes on each individual that owns each property.
Thus, we will apply a decreasing fee after the second declaration. With taxes included, it will be 20 euros for the second and third; 10 euros for the fourth and forward.


  • 1- A couple owns an apartment. It is needed to turn in two declarations of taxes (one per owner). The charge would be 50 euros + 20 euros = 70 euros.
  • 2- A couple owns an apartment and a parking spot. Since two declarations of taxes are needed per person, the charge would be 50 euros + 20 euros + 20 euros + 10 euros = 100 euros.

We are at your disposal in case you need any additional information.


If you need more information regarding the declaration of assets, please send us a message through the form below.

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